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This is the web-based version of the program 'Skills In Medicine' (SIM).

The program includes the complete content as presented in the offline version (14 books each including either a cd-rom or dvd-rom), known as the SIM-box.

The 'Skills In Medicine' program has been developed to facilitate students in learning how to perform a number of basic medical skills that can take place during a physical examination.
In general these are skills that a student should learn during the Bachelor/Master phase of their education.

A large number of diagnostic examination procedures are explained and demonstrated in the video clips.

To emphasize the procedure of the skills we have chosen to demonstrate them on people without complaints.

In some sections therapeutic techniques are explained and demonstrated. These sections include ‘Minor Surgery’ and ‘Bandages and Bandaging techniques’.

Search function
As this program has been developed in a ‘data-base’ structure it facilitates an elaborate search function. This can used to find words or phrases throughout the entire program – try it!

Offline version
The 14 'Skills In Medicine' theme's can be ordered as individual titles (book & cd-/dvd-rom) as well as a complete set.
The theme's include:

  • The Neurological Examination
  • The Examination of the Abdomen
  • The Cardiovascular Examination
  • The Pulmonary Examination
  • The Examination of the Ear, Nose, Mouth, Throat and Neck
  • The Examination of the Eyes and Vision
  • The Gynaecological Examination
  • Obstetrics
  • The Examination of the Upper Extremities
  • The Examination of the Spine
  • The Examination of the Lower Extremities
  • Minor Surgery
  • Bandages and Bandaging Techniques
  • The Psychiatric Interview

These can be ordered via http://shop.mediview.org/

Mediview Skills In Medicine - SIM Pack-14 

SIM Books are also available in the iBookstore!

Skills In Medicine is also Available on the iBookstore